Psychotherapy can help you understand yourself and the way you are in the world, improve your relationships, support you to work through emotional suffering with a view to leading a more fulfilling life. It can encourage you to feel a sense of aliveness, support you to think more flexibly, help you to develop emotional resilience as well as prevent more serious problems from occurring.

Therapy takes place over an appropriate period of time for each person and is flexible according to your needs and resources. It can be short term – usually 6 to 12 sessions – more structured and focused on solving the identified problem or situation or long term – lasting from a few months up to a few years - to explore more deep-rooted difficulties.

Psychotherapy can support you with a range of issues or difficulties.  


The following is an example of some of the issues that people may wish to seek therapy for:

Family and relationship issues or difficulties
Sadness, depression, emptiness
Lack of confidence, low self-esteem, issues around self-worth
Self-harm or suicidal thoughts
Anxiety, stress, panic or fear
Abuse – sexual, physical, emotional, financial, bullying
Obsessive or addictive behaviour
Identity, belonging, motivation and purpose
Loneliness, isolation, intimacy and connection
Bereavement, loss and grief
Illness, death and dying
Work related issues or stress
Life transitions and change
Existential issues – the meaning of life


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