My Approach

Talking: hearing oneself speak is a very important part of getting to know ourselves – deepening the primary relationships – the one with ourselves.


My way of working is integrative; I place you at the centre of our work and ensure that we go at the pace that suits you and with the type of counselling/therapy that suits your individual needs. As an ‘Integrative Therapist’, I draw upon a combination of ideas and techniques. I can work with you for a brief period or longer if needed.

Our sessions are led by you and supported by me. I work with you as a whole person, paying attention to both physical and psychological processes and how they are connecting together.

I work relationally, which means that I bring myself into the therapeutic relationship with you, making use of body and mind connections to explore the presenting difficult issues, sharing my responses, thoughts and feelings with you.

Growth and healing are promoted through acknowledgement of developments in the past and requirements in the present as you build effective strategies for you personally to meet your outcomes.

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