My Approach

Talking is the key. Hearing oneself speak is a very important part of getting to know oneself, deepening the primary relationship – the one with ourselves.

Being heard and being witnessed is also a very important element in the healing process. 

Creating a safe, confidential space in which this process can be housed. I will invite you to tell your story, your sense of how you got where you are today, what you are feeling and what you don’t want to be feeling.

I will help you heal through relating, which means that I bring myself into the therapeutic relationship with you, making use of body and mind connections to explore the presenting difficult issues, sharing my responses, thoughts and feelings with you.

As an ‘Integrative therapist’, I draw upon a combination of ideas and techniques and I work with you as a whole person, paying attention to both the physical and psychological processes and how they are connecting together. My therapeutic work is grounded in Contemporary Psychotherapy which is an integrative solution-focused model that combines and utilises the main models of psychotherapy; from Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) Humanistic and Existential theories and is outcome-oriented.